ICLE: Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia

Current List of Programs
Program DateTitleCLE VlauesPrice
07/14/202207/14/2022Fiduciary Law Institute12110415
08/31/202208/31/2022Restrictive Covenants and Trade Secrets6012250

Webcast Self-Study Programs:
Original DateTitleCLE ValuesPrice
09/26/2020ICLE Gift Certificate (3 CLE Hours)3000165
09/27/2021ICLE Gift Certificate (6 CLE Hours)6000250
10/23/202009/27/3017Webcast - Administrative Law and State Government Law for Attorneys6100250
09/11/202009/29/3019Webcast - ADR In The Workers' Compensation Arena6115250
12/13/201909/28/3020Webcast - ADR Institute and 2019 Neutrals' Conference6113250
11/09/201709/30/3021Webcast - Adult Guardianship and Supported Decision Making6113250
02/02/202210/01/3022Webcast - Advanced Debt Collection6012250
11/03/201610/02/3023Webcast - Animal Law6013250
02/26/202010/03/3024Webcast - Attorney First Aid Kit6100250
08/20/201910/03/3025Webcast - August Group Mentoring000065
02/27/202010/04/3026Webcast - Banking Law6000250
04/20/202210/05/3028Webcast - Basic Fiduciary 1016100250
03/22/201910/05/3028Webcast - Basic Fiduciary Law 2016001250
02/25/202010/06/3029Webcast - Beginning Lawyers Program611195
07/27/201710/07/3030Webcast - Building Winning Appeal Issues Into Social Security Disability Cases6104250
11/11/202010/08/3031Webcast - Business Immigration Law6002250
09/11/202010/09/3032Webcast - Business Litigation6015250
11/05/202010/12/3034Webcast - Class Actions6103250
11/11/202110/13/3035Webcast - Commercial Real Estate6010250
10/15/202110/14/3036Webcast - Construction Law for the General Practitioner6001250
12/14/201710/15/3037Webcast - Consumer and Business Bankruptcy Institute7114250
10/13/202110/17/3038Webcast - Criminal Practice6114250
01/11/201810/18/3039Webcast - Defense of a Personal Injury Case5.5115.5250
06/08/201810/19/3040Webcast - Drum Majors for Justice3010165
03/29/201710/22/3043Webcast - Employee Benefits Seminar6011250
11/30/201610/23/3044Webcast - Entertainment Law Basics Bootcamp3000165
03/04/202210/30/3044Webcast - Estate Planning6000250
10/31/201910/24/3045Webcast - Expert Testimony6104250
10/23/201910/25/3046Webcast - Family Immigration Law6013250
12/02/201610/26/3047Webcast - Family Law Seminar6013250
09/21/201810/27/3048Webcast - Fighting the Good Fight-Employment Law in the Courtroom6115250
02/11/202210/28/3049Webcast - Fundamentals of Health Care Law6111250
12/12/201810/29/3050Webcast - Georgia and the Second Amendment3.5001165
03/08/202212/29/3050Webcast - Georgia Auto Insurance Claims Law6103250
02/22/201910/30/3052Webcast - Georgia Bar Media and Judiciary Conference8111250
02/02/201711/01/3054Webcast - Georgia Foundations & Objections Update6006250
11/16/202110/13/3055Webcast - Handling Big Cases6111250
01/25/201811/03/3056Webcast - Hazing Seminar6013.5250
12/08/201611/04/3057Webcast - Health Care Fraud Institute6113250
06/11/202111/04/3058Webcast - In Session...Lawyers as Legislators AKA: Committee to Promote Inclusion3010165
06/10/202111/05/3059Webcast - Institutional Bias in the Justice System3001165
02/20/202011/06/3060Webcast - Internet Legal Research6100250
01/12/202211/07/3061Webcast - Jury Trial6112250
08/24/201811/08/3062Webcast - Jury Trials in Divorce7.5016.5250
11/13/201511/09/3063Webcast - K.I.S.S. Keep it Short and Simple7115250
12/08/202110/13/3064Webcast - Labor and Employment Law6110250
11/08/201811/10/3065Webcast - Litigation Under 42 U.S.C. §19836105250
05/05/202111/11/3066Webcast - Living Well to Practice Well6111250
03/10/202011/11/3067Webcast - March 2020 Group Mentoring000065
03/23/201811/12/3068Webcast - Mediation Advocacy6113250
09/17/202105/13/3069Webcast - Medical Malpractice Boot Camp6002250
02/23/201711/14/3069Webcast - Negotiated Corporate Acquisitions6111250
03/04/202011/15/3070Webcast - Nonprofit Law Seminar6010250
01/29/202011/16/3071Webcast - Not Your Everyday Custody Case6013250
03/28/201911/17/3072Webcast - Not Your Typical CLE6113.5250
09/03/202011/18/3073Webcast - Nursing Home Litigation6113250
09/19/201911/19/3074Webcast - Nuts and Bolts of Family Law6.50.513250
11/13/201811/21/3075Webcast - Personal Injury Law Clinic I2012165
12/11/201811/22/3076Webcast - Personal Injury Law Clinic II2002165
01/08/201911/23/3077Webcast - Personal Injury Law Clinic III2002165
02/12/201911/24/3078Webcast - Personal Injury Law Clinic IV2002165
03/12/201911/25/3079Webcast - Personal Injury Law Clinic V2002165
04/09/201911/25/3080Webcast - Personal Injury Law Clinic VI2102165
02/04/202211/26/3081Webcast - Plaintiff's Personal Injury6001250
10/09/202011/27/3082Webcast - Post Judgment Collection6103250
12/15/202111/28/3083Webcast - Premises Liability6105250
10/20/201711/29/3084Webcast - Privacy and Technology Law Institute5100250
02/20/201911/30/3085Webcast - Product Liability Seminar6115250
03/21/201912/01/3086Webcast - Professional and Ethical Dilemmas in Litigation6336250
03/02/201812/02/3087Webcast - Professionalism and Ethics Update3212165
11/30/201812/02/3088Webcast - Professionalism and the Global Community7113250
04/16/202112/03/3090Webcast - Professionalism, Ethics and Malpractice (Spring 2021)3211165
12/17/202112/25/3090Webcast - Professionalism, Ethics and Malpractice (Winter 2021)3110165
09/29/202012/05/3091Webcast - Proving Damages6105250
11/03/202106/05/3092Webcast - Punitive Damages6103250
07/14/202112/05/3092Webcast - Real Property Foreclosure6112250
05/13/202112/06/3093Webcast - Real Property Law Institute6102250
11/18/202012/07/3094Webcast - Recent Developments6112250
01/15/202012/07/3095Webcast - Residential Real Estate6100250
06/17/202112/08/3096Webcast - Restrictive Covenants and Trade Secrets6103250
11/09/201812/09/3097Webcast - School and College Law Update6100250
11/12/202112/10/3098Webcast - Secrets to a Successful Plaintiff's Personal Injury Practice6012250
03/02/202206/08/3097Webcast - Secured Lending6000250
09/13/201912/12/3100Webcast - Social Media and the Law6100250
04/08/202212/13/3101Webcast - Social Secuity Law6105250
07/23/202112/13/3101Webcast - Social Security Law Institute6104250
01/26/201812/14/3102Webcast - Solo & Small Firm Bootcamp6111250
02/19/202012/15/3103Webcast - Special Needs Trusts6100250
11/20/201412/16/3105Webcast - Student Tribunal Hearing Training3001165
01/05/201712/17/3106Webcast - Technology in Practice3000165
10/21/201612/18/3107Webcast - Technology Law Institute6100250
08/31/201712/19/3108Webcast - The Trial of Leo Frank3112165
11/05/202112/19/3109Webcast - Title Standards6012250
10/01/202012/20/3109Webcast - Toxic and Mass Torts Litigation6006250
02/25/202212/21/3110Webcast - Trial Advocacy6103250
03/08/201912/22/3111Webcast - Trial and Error6114.5250
08/25/202112/24/3112Webcast - Truck Accident Claims6012250
03/02/201812/24/3113Webcast - Truck Wreck Cases6004.5250
09/22/201712/25/3114Webcast - Trying Your Best: Employment Law Goes to Court6014250
10/17/201912/26/3115Webcast - United States Supreme Court Update6002250
12/04/201912/27/3116Webcast - Update on Georgia Law6110250
11/10/202112/28/3117Webcast - VA Accreditation6111250
06/07/201812/29/3118Webcast - War Stories XVIII3113165
06/07/201812/31/3119Webcast - Wellness for Lawyers3110165.00
02/05/202001/01/3120Webcast - Whistleblower Law Symposium6113250
02/01/201801/01/3121Webcast - White Collar Crime6.5103.5250
10/07/202101/03/3123Webcast - Workers' Compensation Law Institute12113415
01/19/202201/03/3124Webcast - Wrongful Death Law6011250